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Tardy Policy

Life School Oak Cliff Secondary

Tardy Policy

2017 -2018


Tardy procedures for 7th - 12th Grades:

Secondary students must be in the building with their class in their designated area at the campus specific start time.  Students are considered tardy when they arrive to a class after it has begun without prior administrator or teacher approval.  A tardy more than 15 minutes to any class will be recorded as an absence.  Students more than five minutes late will be considered “skipping” class.  All violations to the tardy policy will be subject to disciplinary consequences according to campus procedure.

Violations to the campus tardy policy are maintained per semester, and distributed by the front office.  Discipline consequences are outlined below:



1 – 4 Violations:                 Input in TEAMS

5 Violations:                       Tardy Letter sent home

8 Violations:                       Lunch Detention

11 Violations:                     Lunch Detention

14 Violations:                     1 Day In-School Suspension

17 Violations:                     2 Days In-School Suspension

19 Violations:                     Parent/Student/Administrative Conference

20 Violations:                     Saturday School (8am - 10am)

25 Violations:                     Saturday School (8am - 12pm)

28 Violations:                     3 Days Out-of-School Suspension

30 Violations:                     Conference/ Parent/ Admin./ Expulsion