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Distinguished Achievement Program

The Distinguished Achievement Program requires that all students who complete the required
credits also successfully complete four advanced measures from the three categories below and may do so in any combination.

1. Original research and/or project:
a. Judged by a panel of professionals in the field that is the focus of the project; or
b. conducted under the direction of mentor(s) and
c. reported to an appropriate audience; and related to Texas Essential Knowledge
and Skills
2. Test Data:
a. A score of three or above on The College Board Advanced Placement
b. A score of four or above on an International Baccalaureate examination;
c. A score on the PSAT that qualifies a student for recognition as a Commended
Scholar or higher by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation; as part of the
National Hispanic Scholar Program of the College Board; or as part of the
National Achievement Scholarship program for Outstanding Negro Students of
the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. The PSAT score may count as only
one advanced measure regardless of the number of honors received by the
3. College courses:
a. A grade of 3.0 or higher on courses that count for college credit (dual and/or
concurrent enrollment), including tech prep programs.

Students must earn at least four advanced measures and may do so in any combination. For
example, one student might receive a score of three on four Advanced Placement examinations.

Another may have a score of three on two Advanced Placement examinations and also complete two projects in a mentorship program. A third student could take two college courses for high school credit, produce a portfolio of exemplary work in a specific field, and assist in primary research under the direction of a mentor at a local university. Original research projects may not be used for more than two of the four advanced measures.