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Counseling FAQ

Questions to Ask Your Counselor
1. How will my STAAR End-of-Course results impact my graduation plan?
2. What colleges have students from our school gone to and what scholarships did they receive?
3. What if I’m not ready for college now, do you have information to assist me with career choices?
4. When is our college fair? And are there others in our area?
5. What classes do you recommend to take to prepare me for college (Pre-AP/ AP Courses)?
6. Which colleges, technical or vocational schools, do you recommend that meet my college/career interest?
7. Can you help me with my personal graduation plan?
8. Can you show me my current rank and GPA and how I can increase it?
9. What kinds of grades and entrance exam scores do colleges require?
10. Do you have college/military information that I can use?
11. When is the PSAT/NMSQT given?
12. Which college entrance exams (SAT/ACT) should I take and how should I prepare for them?
13. Do you have a tentative timeline to help me prepare for college?
14. Where can I get a recommendation letter?
15. Where can I find financial aid and scholarship information?
16. What are safe resources for me to use while preparing for college?
17. What does my transcript look like?
18. Can I visit a college and get an excused absence?
19. Should I take Dual Credit courses?
20. Should I attend a community college first?