Tardy Policy Update

Life School Oak Cliff Secondary 

First Period Tardy Policy

First period tardies are maintained by semester and distributed by the front office. 

3 Tardies: Written Notification. Input in TEAMS

5 Tardies: Administrative Conference

8 Tardies: After School Detention (4pm-5pm)

11 Tardies: Saturday Detention (8:30am-12:00pm)

14 Tardies: Saturday Detention (8:30am-12:00pm)

17 Tardies: 1 Day In-School Suspension

19 or more 2 Day In-School Suspension

Transitional Tardy Policy

Transitional tardies are maintained per semester and distributed by the front office. 

1 Violation: Written warning

2 Violations: Written warning

3 violations: Administrative Conference

4 Violations: After School Detention (4pm-5pm)

5 Violations: After School Detention (4pm-5pm)

6 Violations: Saturday Detention (8:30am-12:00pm)

7 Violations: Saturday Detention (8:30am-12:00pm)

8 Violations: 1 Day In-School Suspension

9 Violations: 2 Day In-School Suspension

10 Violations: Parent, Student, Administrative Conference