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Welcome to Mrs. Andrews' (Coach Andrews') webpage!
I am serving in my 5th year at Life School Oak Cliff. I teach Health Science Technology, Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Sports Med I, II, and III. I also coach softball and am the Head Athletic Trainer for Lion athletics. 
I grew up in south Dallas area, attended Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas earning a BBS in Athletic Training with a minor in Biology. Following life in west Texas, I moved to Maryville, Missouri to be an athletic trainer for the Bearcats of Northwest Missouri State University earning a Master's of Education degree as well as completing necessary coursework to become a certified teacher. I enjoy both aspects of teaching and being an athletic trainer and hope that my students come to know my passion as they pass through my classroom.
Please subscribe to the sections of this page that are applicable to you as a student or parent. I will post assignments and class notes to this site often along with resources to go along with our class content. Feel free to email me from the link on the right side of the page and I will respond in a timely manner.

Looking forward to a great year!

Recent Posts

Spring Semester Update

Updates: 1st and 2nd period now have new schoology access codes since the course is a now Principles of Health Science Technology. Look on that class page to gain access codes. 
Tutoring/Re-takes: Still take place at 730am following the submission of a re-take form. Any missed quizzes/exams from absences do not require a form, just show up!

Semester Project

Choose a problem/disorder/disease from your favorite Chapter covered in class. 
Choose a "medium" to present your research (poster, research paper, PowerPoint, models, etc)
Important aspects: 
  • Definition
  • Prognosis
  • Treatments
  • Medications available
  • Etc.
MLA or APA citations throughout and a "reference/bibliography" page. (Use PurdueOWL website for help citing sources. 
Bonus: Describe with references current ongoing research related to discovery, treatments, and the like of your chosen topic. 
Due by the end of final exam block. 

Update to Tutoring/Re-take schedule

I will be late to the classroom Tuesday, due to a before school meeting. If in my first period, I will let you work into the period. 
I will NOT be on campus Wednesday due to an off campus meeting. 
Tutoring and Re-takes will resume @ 730 Thurs and Friday morning. 


I will not be in for morning treatments on Thursday 11/5/15.
Medical Terminology: Quiz #2 on Chapter 9 & 14 will be Friday.
Anatomy: Homemade muscle exercise presentation will be Friday.
Sports Med I: Missed quizzes on field trip need to be made up Friday morning at 730. "writing O" quiz will be Tuesday 11/10.
Sports Med II: Hip rehab practical will be Friday.  

Quiz/Test Reminder

Medical Terminology Exam Tomorrow: Chapter 5
Sports Med I Quiz Tomorrow: Muscles
Utilize your schoology, text, and online resources to study. Tutoring will be at 730 am as usual, if you need further help prior to the Quiz/Test.

Schoology Registration needed

Please go to schoology.com and sign up as a student. Enter your class code found below when requested so that you may be enrolled in our online classroom. Our first assignment is already posted and we will highlight this in class on 10/13/15. You will need to add each class that you are currently in using the codes listed. 
This code is for Anatomy & Physiology only: 9ZWNQ-G4NJB
This code is for Sports Med I only: 7P842-NSP49
This code is for Sports Med II only: R8XDV-J2BQS
This code is for Medical Terminology 1st Period only: V453P-K5R35
This code is for Medical Terminology 2nd Period only: TJ8MF-W34B3

Quiz Reminder/Assignment Reminder

Med Term: Quiz Tuesday over chapter 3 Terms
Anatomy: Quiz Wednesday over Skeletal Intro
Sports Med: Quiz Thursday over Medical Term intro