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Extra Credit- 6th 6-weeks

An extra credit assignment has been made available to all students. All extra credit assignments must be turned in by Monday, May 10th. A copy of the assignment can be downloaded from the "File" section of this web page..

Progress Reports

Just a reminder: All progress reports are due signed and returned by Friday, 5/8/15. If you have lost it you can print it off of Parent Portal. This is a daily grade.

Review / Extra Credit

Well, the week of CFA's and semester exams is upon us. Students were given reviews on Friday for the Semester exam. Extra credit was offered for anybody who had it completed by class time today, Monday the 15th. I have extended the deadline to Tuesday(tomorrow) at the beginning of class. If completed, it is worth extra credit. Also, tomorrow is the absolute last day I will accept any late work. Students were given advanced notice of all this and have been informed of what assignments they are missing. Good luck this week and have a great Christmas Break!

Test - Light Years

We will be testing over light years on Friday, December 12th. Students can use their Light years packet to study for the exam. Good Luck!!

Star, Galaxies, H-R Diagram Test

Heads up! This Friday we will be testing over stars, galaxies and the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram. We will review on Thursday and I will be staying after school Thursday to offer some last minute help to any student who would like to join. Good luck everybody!